Join us!

Our goal is to create a platform for EVERYONE with! In addition to local news outlets, we also want to use to distribute information from local collectives – local associations, social movements, citizens’ initiatives and many other groups. Especially smaller collectives will be given more visibility within the urban public. At the same time, we want to create more opportunities for citizens to participate in the local environment.

Every collective makes an important contribution to the urban public and we would be happy if as many people as possible participated. If we have aroused your interest, please contact us. 

Join in as a collective

Taking part is very easy: You can send us your RSS-Feed or enter your news and other content into the editorial system of via an input platform. For that we need three informations from you, which you can send to us via eMail:

 1) the name that should appear in the app

2) a short description of your institution (ca. 3 to 5 sentences)

3) and a logo in high quality.


Help and improve is created in “co-creation”, i.e. together with interested users and is still open for suggestions, feedback and optimization proposals. We have integrated a feedback function into the app and look forward to constructive contributions!